Be it the truant little cousin of the groom who just turned over the sauce pot over your sisters neat dress or the nosy aunt who specially made a guest appearance on your occasion to see your happy smile, make sure each member of the bridal party shows a good face! Although a matter much ignored by us as a event, we keep on saying the Mygoshh !!! just to realize the despair of our missing near and distant ones from the frames after the party is over. This event keeps us making our shutters exhaust at a double rate and us running hot like paparazzi, but our motto is to see your event complete, and we are happy for you. And on earth all good effects cost us a little bit of cream ! Don't they ? 5000 INR


It is the moment for which you have waited for so long and the moment is finally here. The ceremony, the precious moments to re-kindle your flame of love throughout your life.  The moments you want to cherish forever. Those views are made at this moment. To ensure your moments in the safe hands of a specialist you don't want to miss this section, do you ?  5000 INR


As the bride puts on the most important dress of her life and prepares to walk down the aisle. The make up artists are at hurry churning out their best to the bride feel the queen for the evening. And who wants to miss the opportunity of witnessing herself turning from her daddy's little princess to the queen of the occasion documented with master crafts at each step. 5000 INR

Bride's Prep

Let us photograph your love story! All packages are subject to additions, exclusions - this is your day and we want to help make it memorable. We provide packages as a collection individual event components making it modular and providing you the maximum flexibility possible. The costs are added up from your chosen components and you get attractive discounts on complete packages depending upon our offer promos.


Engagement packages typically include outdoor locations. Either you may select from a list of our suggested "hotspots" or you can suggest your own locations.

Three hour photo shoot. Renewing your romance on frames can be interesting idea at the early dawn of budding relation. The paths you strode together hands clasped together, those intimate whispers which often broke out into a burst of naughty giggle and the those funny faces made out of pastry creams,  are all able to give you goosebumps when reiterated by a perfect eye. 10 distinct photographs neatly post processed in cherish able package that too at a never before price. 5000 INR

The beauty of Package 1 intact in its grandeur topped up with a 10 page tea-table soft cover photo book at your disposal. Love is in the air... 7500 INR

Pre or Post Wedding / Engagement Event 

Wedding photography :

Product & commercial

Your product and my showcasing. In the best possible way. Be it a single product or a gallery or catalog, you place your request and get amazed by the astonishing quality of the outcome. Pricing depends on volume for per SKU. based rates and nature of the product. Independent product based pricing available too, make sure to drop your demand through the contact section of this website.  

Product & commercial

Hi Fashion Portfolios 

An all fresh start for you with a bevy of glitters. All photos are professionally color corrected and edited as necessary for the best possible quality images.

You select 5 poses comprising 15 picture perfect frames. Wardrobe is borne by us. A classy hi fashion portfolio with five unique looks. Hair styling and makeup done by front line professional makeup artists. The photos are provided in 6 * 8 prints. CD included of those 5 poses with photo release.
10000 INR

You select 3 poses comprising 10 picture perfect frames. Wardrobe is borne by you. A classy hi fashion portfolio with three unique looks. Hair styling and makeup done by professional makeup artists. CD included of those 3 poses with photo release.
7000 INR

Outdoor glamour portfolio for beginners and wannabe aspirants. The wardrobe is at your will. Makeup is not included. A set of 10 fresh looking outdoor folio images ensure you stand out in the crowd with a long lasting impact. CD included of those 3 poses with photo release.
5000 INR

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Hi Fashion Portfolios 



Indrajit hajra


Photograph the best dance party of your life. Have you ever dreamt about the Elvis Presley in you ? It's true coz happiness gives us wings. And who is happier than you on your grand day ! Not a candid moment will escape because our camera always keeps you in sharp focus. The perfect friend for the groom on his reception !! Te photographer ..of course. 15000 INR

Your bible for the rest of your happier days ! Yes in this digital age too, their is really no substitute of the good old charm of papers. Turn it over for a giggle when you are happy, turn it over to make the frown go away after a hectic day at office or simply turn it over for a shot of nostalgia when you are dearly missing your sweetheart. Our photo books are partnered with best brands the world rely on. Canvera, Photo book India, Kodak... to name the leads. Yes, your at the right door with your memories to be framed.

The Packages

5 Hours of service coverage comprising the Bride's Prep, Ceremony. Best choice for the Bride's party ! Combined with a sumptuous package of 80 finished photographs each with a unique perspective delivered within 15 days of the occasion in DVD. You can top it up with Portraits as an add on flavor.

To cover the entirety with the masters in action. You keep on rocking the party, your moments are safe with us. Bride's Prep, Ceremony & Reception are covered in a economic package of 150 finished photographs each with a unique perspective delivered within 20 days of the occasion in DVD. The service span is a total of 10 hrs spanned over an occasion of a maximum of 2 days. Spice it up with portraits and you ave entered into the territory of discounts.

The Ultimate of the services including head to toe. Bride's Prep, Ceremony & Reception are covered in a economic package of 160 finished photographs each with a unique perspective delivered within 20 days of the occasion in DVD. Garnish it with Portraits and you get a whopping 2000 INR discount on the 20 page premium fire proof photo book.